Hindu Funeral Package

The Perfect Surrounding

We can help assist in arranging, planning and conducting a funeral services for members of the Hindu faith. We have a team of dedicated experience staff in Hindu funeral rites to assist you every step of the way. Our package consist of :

  • Casket & Delivering Services
  • Preservation of Deceased ( Embalming / Dry Ice / Body Cleaning )
  • Transfer of Deceased
  • Funeral Band on Request

Cremation Package

  • Ceremonial Items for House
  • Kudam & Other Items
  • Banana Tress & Young Coconut Shoots ( Kunthal)
  • Kolluchatti & Nepantham
  • Garlands & Flowers
  • Hearse Services
  • Booking of Cremation / Burial (payment made by Client).
  • Ash Collecting Ceremonial Items
  • Death Certificate Arangement
  • Provide of Gurukkal Service and Priest to perform Hindu Ceremonies
  • Photo Enlargement With Frame
  • Location / direction placards
  • Canopy, tables, and chairs supply


  • City Crematorium
  • Buntong Crematorium

Priest Service

Contact us for pricing details as packages can be customized
for your needs